What is MultiPie's privacy policy regarding CC?

Calibre Companion Privacy Policy

Updated 11 March 2016


When Calibre Companion (CC) is used to manage a library, it stores information about the books (titles, covers or other metadata) on the device. Additionally, at a user's request, CC can process information such as cloud provider and content server usernames and passwords. However, we consider this information to be personal and private to each user, and thus it is not transmitted to MultiPie or any other organisation.

CC does collect and share non-personal information as described below.



Starting with CC Version 5, in order to help us with ongoing development and maintenance, CC collects basic statistics about how people use the app. By "basic statistics" we mean non-personal information such as:

  • anonymous app usage, for example how many times the app is started, the view is changed from grid view to list view or vice versa, a function such as "Sort" is used, a connection type is made, and so on
  • which cloud providers are used. As noted below, no account or other cloud library information is collected
  • CC's version information
  • device model names and what version of Android a device is running

These statistics do not include personal information. In particular, the following information is not included in the statistics:

  • user names or passwords
  • book titles, covers, or other book metadata
  • library names
  • custom column names
  • search strings
  • what reader apps you use
  • IP addresses
  • other information that might be stored on the device, such as contacts and calendar data

If even with the above assurances you wish to opt out of CC's statistical information collection then you can turn off Statistics Collection in CC's Settings / Other.



Beta releases have statistics collection enabled regardless of whether or not you have turned off Statistics Collection. If you object to this policy then please drop out of the beta program.



If CC crashes then it sends us a crash report, helping us fix the problem. There is no mechanism in CC to opt out of crash reporting. 

Crash reports contain non-personal information such as:

  • where in CC the crash occurred (a "stack trace")
  • the device model name
  • what version of Android the device is running

IP addresses are not included in crash reports.



CC has no control over other apps or systems you might use as a consequence of using CC. For example, connecting to your calibre library shares information with calibre. Reading a book shares information with the reader app. Putting your library in the cloud shares that information with the cloud provider, and accessing your information in the cloud shares that access information with the cloud provider. See the Privacy Policies of the other apps and systems for information about what they do with your information.



A particular case: if you choose to send a CC debug log to MultiPie then you will share detailed personal information with us about how you have been using CC. For example, the logs contain book information, server names, and IP addresses. MultiPie will not use that information for any purpose other than to provide support to the user who sent the log and to fix bugs in CC. The information is not shared with any other company. We delete the debug logs as soon as the problem is resolved.



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